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Five Hal Hartley Films

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When the new picspammy challenge came out I Immediately thought of Hal Hartley.  I guess it may be due to the fact that I did a full movie picspam of Trust about a week ago so I was still on a Hal Hartley kick. Pretty much like I said in that entry, I love Hal Hartley. His movies are so original, quirky, and the dialogue is lightning fast. Besides that I admire the fact that he writes, directs, produces, and composes his films and not to mention he works with many of the same actors over and over again. Anyway, here are five movies that have stood out in my mind and hopefully this will get some of you to check out his work too. Please excuse the crappy caps but they're impossible to find and videos are even harder so hopefully one can overlook that and still enjoy the work that was put in.

Simple Men (1992)

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Ned Riffle: I want adventure. I want romance.
Bill McCabe: Ned, there is no such thing as adventure. There's no such thing as romance. There's only trouble and desire.
Ned Riffle: Trouble and desire.
Bill McCabe: That's right. And the funny thing is, when you desire something you immediately get into trouble. And when you're in trouble you don't desire anything at all.
Ned Riffle: I see.
Bill McCabe: It's impossible.
Ned Riffle: It's ironic.
Bill McCabe: It's a fucking tragedy is what it is, Ned

Fay Grim (2006)

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Henry Fool: You see? They have to bludgeon a man into obscurity before they'll acknowledge his genius.

Trust (1990)

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Matthew: How long do you think it'll take?
Maria Coughlin: I don't know. Not long, i guess.
Matthew: Are you okay?
Maria Coughlin: Yeah. You?
Matthew: I feel like smashing things up.

Amateur (1994)

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How can you be a nymphomaniac and never had sex?
Isabelle: I'm choosy.

No Such Thing (2001)

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The Monster: I don't believe there is a God this cruel. I don't believe there is a God. Then again, maybe I am God. Either way, I'm still fucked

- please don't use these for any graphics. This took time to cap, sort, and color for someone to take.
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