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Smallville In 20

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Thanks to jeannev for making this wonderful challange. It was extremely hard to choose. My thoughts and why I chose the caps I did are below.

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This was such a difficult task but I believe it comes as no surprise to any one that knows me that for me Smallville is Clark. A few things I discovered or re-discovered while making this picspam:

01. I miss the show a lot.
02. I like the later episodes a lot more than I first thought.
03. The main reason the show and I are on a break was basically I hated the last two episodes last season. Not my usual annoyance but I literally hated them. I feel this show way too much and I figured watching it on DVD all at once would be a better way to go but you know what I still miss it so much.
04. Lack of Clark emphasis on SV makes me upset which is probably why I can't stand Oliver no matter how many times Justin Hartley shows up shirtless.

Alright on with the show I'm staring from left to right.

01. I liked this scene a lot. It was very quiet. Clark finally doing what he was meant to and Lois' little smile always makes my heart warm.
02. The family together for the first time. I always found it funny that Martha was so gun-ho about picking up the alien kid when later on it was Jonathan who could deal with Clark's alieness while Martha tried to hide it.
03. I know the phone booth writhing is always a fave but the scene right after he hangs up always breaks me. So much remorse and pain.
04. The crash heard around the world. The moment where Clark's (and Lex's) life completely changed.
05. I always liked it early on when Clark would make fun of or mock Lex playfully. He's the only one that got away with it.
06. Hello just look at it. That image made many a Smallville fan. LOL. Hey I can be shallow too.
07. When Clark hears the prophecy. Jonathan comforts him but Bo isn't sure if he believes what he says. Jonathan was such a great dad sometimes. I miss him. Back then SV knew how to throw a monkey wrench into things.
08. This episode is one of those "eh whatever" ones for me but I'm sucker for the cape.
09. When Clark first hears his name. Still one of my favorite moments of the series and hello do you see who's there with him?!
10. I'm still not sure about Martha leaving the way she did but this quiet moment always gets me. Besides I love the pic Jonathan's all happy and Clark's such a broody kid even then. LOL.
11. SV can over do it with the metaphor but always appreciate the angel reference and here's Clark at his most stoic at his dad's funeral.
12. The iconic Clark and Lois. You can't go wrong with that.
13. I'm still kind of upset we got only one episode with her. Well any way what I love the most about this scene is how amazed she is that Clark is the infamous "Traveler". It puts Clark in perspective no matter what amazing things he can do he's still that sweet,stubborn, and kind farm boy.
14. This is what saved that whole scene for me. They have both been there for each other at their most vulnerable. It makes me happy.
15. I'm not exactly Clana's biggest fan but I loved this. They were both so cute, happy, and flirty. Young love *sigh*
16. The scene that has been shown a thousand times. I find it comforting. It's home.
17. The glasses and the suit. *swoon*
18. I had to include Lana and Chloe this scene reminds me so much of my high school experiences. When you're friends with boys these type of things happen when a pretty teacher is present well minus the dude shooting fire from his eyes. Also I do love it when Smallville brings the funny.
19. The original trio. I loved their early friendship before life happened. Some of my favorite moments early on was these three getting in trouble and breaking into people's houses. Heh.
20. When Clark first sets his eyes on the fortress. So much awe and Clark is so pretty.

And for those still reading I made a wallie based on the banner above. Click on the pic to get to it.

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